Henri Andres

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AIMS The choice of resynchronization therapy between with (CRT-D) and without (CRT-P) a defibrillator remains a contentious issue. Cause-of-death analysis among CRT-P, compared with CRT-D, patients could help evaluate the extent to which CRT-P patients would have additionally benefited from a defibrillator in a daily clinical practice. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
Cardiac troponin I (troponin lc) has been measured on the Dade Stratus analyzer. Cardiac specificity has been studied in patients presenting a rhabdomyolysis syndrome. The obtained results clearly demonstrated that this parameter may be used as a specific marker of myocardial injury, in contrast to total creatine kinase- or mass CK-MB measurements. In(More)
This study sought to find out a correlation, if any, between serum cardiac troponin I values and extent and severity of coronary artery disease in patients with unstable angina. Eighty patients with unstable angina and normal serum creatine kinase values were studied and a comparative evaluation of serum cardiac troponin I values with clinical findings,(More)
The treatment of 77 patients with postoperative fistulae and 5 with spontaneous ones is reported. For occlusion altogether 197 treatments were performed. The overall success rate was 71%. 52 patients were sealed by conventional gastro- or colonoscopy; occlusion could be achieved in 38 (73%) cases. In 30 patients a new technique was performed. That is the(More)
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