Henri Achten

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Computer Aided Architectural Design systems offer a broad scope of drawing and modeling techniques for the designer. Nevertheless, they offer limited support for the early phases of the design process. One reason is that the level of abstraction is too low: the user can define walls and such in great precision, but no support is offered to define global or(More)
In computer-aided architectural design, words are an underemployed source of information. Through a series of case studies, we deduced a design annotation data model. All entities in this model can be captured from the design draft, except one: the word relation. Therefore, a system was developed that generates word graphs using single words from the draft(More)
Urban planning and urban design are separated disciplines. As a consequence, there is hardly any feedback from the urban design process to the urban planning process. To improve interaction between these two, an interactive urban design (IUD) tool has been developed. The tool is implemented in a Desk-Cave allowing for direct manipulation of masses and with(More)
Virtual Reality being a relatively new technology receives much attention in scientific research as well as in public news media. In the first case because of the technical problems that still have to be solved to offer the functionality and performance required by the application developers. In the second case because of the appealing interface between the(More)
XThe issue of collaborative design has been elaborated extensively within the framework of previous CAAD–conferences. Today, an appreciation for traditional attitudes and methods can be observed, but interestingly, a mixture of approaches is also noticeable (computational techniques used in low–tech fabrication environments, for example). This allows for a(More)
In this paper we comment on design teaching and communication in the domain of architectural education, particularly in the initial parts of the design process, where hand sketching is applied. We are aware of advantages that electronic sketch devices incorporate, therefore we investigate their implementation in diverse phases of architectural studio(More)
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