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Flamenca: a wake for a dying civilization?
Le Roman de Flamenca, a mutilated anonymous manuscript discovered by chance in Carcassonne in 1834 by Raynouard, (who gave it the name of its heroine) and first translated by M . P. Meyer in 1865,Expand
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Language(s) and identity(ies) in French society
Most discourses about France seem to imply that France is a homogeneous, monolingual, monocultural country. This is denying the cultural and linguistic diversity of the country. Regions wereExpand
The Occitanists and the EU: a minority's turn around
France, even as a Nation in the making, has always been hostile to its non-French speaking indigenous groups. The first translation of this concept into legislation was the Edict ofExpand
The French and their minorities: the legal 'linguicide' arsenal
French Government policies to exclude, silence or outlaw regional minority languages date back as far as the 16th century and are clearly manifest in the nation’s legislation. Despite this, marginalExpand
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Language diversity in Europe: can the EU prevent the genocide of the French linguistic minorities?
Introduction: All references about France, be they about French language, French culture, French arrogance or French cuisine seem to indicate that this country is homogeneous, mono-lingua andExpand
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