Henriëtte van der Horst

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This report describes the clinical signs, diagnosis, and therapy of demodicosis in ferrets. Two ferrets (Mustela putorius furo) were presented with a history of local alopecia and pruritus after repeated treatment with a glucocorticoid-containing ointment for recurrent ear mite infections. Skin scrapings and biopsies revealed adult mites and larvae of(More)
Quill mite (Dermoglyphus passerinus) infestation of canaries (Serinus canaria): diagnosis and treatment. Quill mites are described in many species of birds. Most reports state that the infestation is difficult or impossible to treat. In this case report the diagnosis, identification and successful treatment of the quill mite in canaries is described.
BACKGROUND Screening for, diagnosis and management of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is often performed in multidisciplinary collaboration. However, variation in screening methods, diagnosis and management of IUGR may lead to confusion. In the Netherlands two monodisciplinary guidelines on IUGR do not fully align. To facilitate effective(More)
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