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This paper evaluates the performance of IEEE 802.15.4 for industrial wireless sensor networks. The IEEE 802.15.4 protocol has got the ability to provide real time data transmission in wireless sensor networks using guaranteed time slots (GTS) as medium access control mechanism. According to the standard, a maximum of 7 GTSs can be allocated in one(More)
The use of wireless technologies in Factory Automation is attractive due to several advantages (mobility, cost, etc.); however, to satisfy the requirements of industrial applications, they have to be improved in terms of real-time performance. Handover is a particular weakness in cellular wireless systems, e. g., in IEEE 802.11, since it may introduce delay(More)
Concerning its temporal behavior the latency caused by a handover from one access point (AP) to another is of particular interest for mobile industrial applications, e.g. automated guided vehicles, due to their real-time requirements in the range of a few milliseconds. With the advancements of wireless local area networks, fast roaming support has become(More)
The exhaustive digitalization of the economy, and to be more specific, of industrial production systems results in a new quality of information transparency. This is the basis for added values in terms of effectiveness, quality, and individuality. However, these added values also result in an increased exposure to Cyber-Security threats, due to the(More)
Nowadays the deployment and commissioning of complex production processes or Internet-enabled applications interacting with production systems requires a time consuming and error-prone manual system configuration process. This is due to the need to maintain a high level of determinism, safety, and security of the production process itself and avoiding both(More)
In the future, production systems will consist of modular and flexible production components, being able to adapt to completely new manufacturing processes. This requirement arises from market turbulences caused by customer demands, i. e. highly customized goods in smaller production batches, or phenomenon like commercial crisis. In order to achieve(More)