Henning Tjaden

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We present a real-time system capable of segmenting multiple 3D objects and tracking their pose using a single RGB camera, based on prior shape knowledge. The proposed method uses twist-coordinates for pose parametrization and a pixel-wise second-order optimization approach which lead to major improvements in terms of tracking robustness, especially in(More)
In this paper, we present a system for high-speed robust monocular tracking (HSRM-Tracking) of active markers. The proposed algorithm robustly and accurately tracks multiple markers at full framerate of current high-speed cameras. For this, we have developed a novel, nearly co-planar marker pattern that can be identified without initialization or(More)
We propose an augmented reality system for the reliable detection of root canals in video sequences based on a k-nearest neighbor color classification and introduce a simple geometric criterion for teeth. The new software was implemented using C++, Qt, and the image processing library OpenCV. Teeth are detected in video images to restrict the segmentation(More)
We present a novel approach to 6DOF pose estimation and segmentation of rigid 3D objects using a single monocular RGB camera based on temporally consistent, local color histograms. We show that this approach outperforms previous methods in cases of cluttered backgrounds, heterogenous objects, and occlusions. The proposed histograms can be used as(More)
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