Henning Thiesen

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In order to achieve a luminosity in excess of 10 cms at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), special high gradient quadrupoles are required for the final focusing triplets. These low-β triplets, located in the four experimental insertions (ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, LHC-B), consist of four wide-aperture superconducting magnets: two outer quadrupoles, Q1 and Q3, with a(More)
In alternating current (AC) power systems the power generated by power plants has to match the power drawn by consumers plus the system losses at any time. In the case of an imbalance between generation and consumption the frequency in the system deviates from its rated value. In order to avoid an unsuitable frequency, control power plants have to step in(More)
The LHC particle accelerator uses a string of superconducting quadrupole magnets called the Inner Triplet to focus the beams before collision. This paper describes the powering of the magnets using nested circuits, and their control by decoupling of the currents using state feedback loops, and presents commissioning results.
This paper presents a study to assess how wind turbines could increase their energy yield when their grid connection point is not strong enough for the rated power. It is state of the art that in such situations grid operators impose feed-in management on the affected wind turbines, i.e., the maximum power is limited. For this study a 5 MW wind turbine is(More)
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