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The aim of the present study was to analyse the effect of organic coating of titanium implants on periimplant bone formation and bone/implant contact. Three types of implants were used: (i) Ti6Al4V implants with polished surface (control 1) (ii) Ti6Al4V implants with collagen coating (control 2) (iii) Ti6Al4V implants with collagen coating and covalently(More)
The aim of this experimental study was to evaluate the use of autogenous bone harvested during preparation of implant sites in combination with resorbable membranes for vertical ridge augmentation under 2 different defect site conditions. Combined vertical/horizontal alveolar bone defects were created by experimentally induced periodontal infections around(More)
Polylactic membranes were evaluated for vertical ridge augmentation around immediate implants in periodontally compromised extraction sites. Ligature-induced periodontitis was produced in 10 adult beagle dogs. The periodontium was allowed to heal for 6 weeks. All premolar teeth were extracted and three implants were placed immediately into the extraction(More)
The different forms of superficial and systemic candidiasis are often associated with biofilm formation on surfaces of host tissues or medical devices. The biofilm formation of Candida spp., in general, necessitates significantly increased amounts of antifungal agents for therapy. Often the therapeutic effect is doubtful. A 5-day biofilm model with oral(More)
The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that measurements of implant stability using resonance frequency analysis (RFA) correlate with histomorphometric data of bone anchorage. Ten adult female foxhounds received a total of 80 implants in their mandibles 3 months after removal of all premolar teeth. At the time of implant placement, torque(More)
The aim of the present study was to test the hypothesis that different amounts of vascular endothelial growth factor and bone morphogenic protein differentially affect bone formation when applied for repair of non-healing defects in the rat mandible. Porous composite PDLLA/CaCO3 carriers were fabricated as slow release carriers and loaded with rhBMP2 and(More)
A review of the literature dealing with distraction osteogenesis (DO) of the craniofacial skeleton, provided by a PUBMED search (National Library of Medicine, NCBI; revised 3 April 2000) from 1966 to December 1999 was conducted. Key words used in the search were distraction, lengthening, mandible, mandibular, maxilla, maxillary, midface, midfacial,(More)
The aim of the present retrospective study was to determine the long-term quality of life of patients who had undergone intraoral tumour resection. 135 patients with a malignant tumour located in the floor of the mouth and the adjacent area were enrolled in the study. A standard questionnaire was used to determine the physical functional status, the(More)
Use of bioresorbable and biodegradable materials for guided tissue and guided bone regeneration is under intense investigation and is being tested in clinical trials. This study presents a basic overview of material properties of bioresorbable and biodegradable polymers and devices for guided tissue and guided bone regeneration treatment. Collagens and(More)
The aim of the present study was to assess the quality of life (QoL) in patients undergoing surgical therapy for cancer of the lower region of the oral cavity (floor of the mouth and adjacent regions such as the tongue, alveolus, buccal sulcus, and oropharynx). A total of 83 patients were enrolled into the study. QoL was assessed using the core(More)