Henning Sørensen

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Hypersensitivity vasculitis refers to a large and heterogeneous group of clinical syndromes that have in common the predominant involvement of small vessels, especially in the skin. But any organ can be involved with its associated specific clinical and pathologic manifestations. As involvement of the upper airways has not previously been reported, a case(More)
A total of 1639 women attending the antenatal clinic of Gentofte University Hospital, Copenhagen, during 1986-1987 was randomized into a symphyseal fundal (SF)-group and a control group. The women in the SF-group had their fundal height measured from the 29th week until delivery. The measurements were used along with the other usual screening procedures.(More)
BACKGROUND Photochemical treatment (PCT) of platelets (PLTs) with amotosalen and ultraviolet A light to inactivate bacteria may facilitate extension of storage from 5 to 7 days. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS A randomized, double-blinded, crossover, noninferiority, single-site pilot study utilizing pooled buffy-coat PLTs was conducted. The primary endpoint was(More)
Investigations on indoor airborne allergens in Saudi Arabia were performed by mold cultures and dust analyses by counter-current immunoelectrophoresis. Twenty fungal genera were isolated, with Aspergillus as the most often encountered. Most of the dust-bound fungi found are ubiquitous and common. Antibodies against Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, cat- cow-(More)
The lateral semicircular canal and the crista ampullaris from five patients previously treated with ultrasound for Menière's disease showed the following histological and ultrastructural changes: 1. The lateral semicircular canal was completely obliterated by dense connective and osteoid tissue. 2. In the subepithelial tissue in Crista ampullaris no signs(More)
Purpose of the study A pilot study was initiated in Autumn 2009 to better define which diseases have a HIV prevalence of >0.1 % as HIV testing of populations with a HIV prevalence above this has shown to be cost-effective. The preliminary results are reported here. Methods A detailed questionnaire was completed for persons presenting with 8 different(More)
All doctors that had reported a newly-identified HIV infected person to the national HIV surveillance unit during a nine months period were traced and interviewed for one year later. The results of the interviews that related to 102 out of 195 (52%) reports were compared between the 48 interviewed general practitioners (GPs) and the 33 interviewed hospital(More)