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Automation of agricultural harvesting equipment in the near term appears both economically viable and technically feasible. This paper describes the Demeter system for automated harvesting. Demeter is a computer-controlled speedrowing machine, equipped with a pair of video cameras and a global positioning sensor for navigation. Demeter is capable of(More)
The Dante project is developing walking robots to explore inside volcanic craters. These robots face many challenges including generating a walking gait in rough, obstacle-filled terrain. For the walking robot Dante II, we implemented a gait controller to address this situation. Our approach is embodied in a network of asynchronous processes that establish(More)
A high degree of mobility, reliability, and efficiency are needed for autonomous exploration of extreme terrain. These requirements have guided the development of the Ambler, a six-legged robot designed for planetary exploration. To address issues of efficiency and mobility, the Ambler is configured with a stacked arrangement of orthogonal legs and exhibits(More)
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