Henning Pangels

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Automation of agricultural harvesting equipment in the near term appears both economically viable and technically feasible. This paper describes the Demeter system for automated harvesting. Demeter is a computer-controlled speedrowing machine, equipped with a pair of video cameras and a global positioning sensor for navigation. Demeter is capable of(More)
The Dante project is developing walking robots to explore inside volcanic craters. These robots face many challenges including generating a walking gait in rough, obstacle-filled terrain. For the walking robot Dante II, we implemented a gait controller to address this situation. Our approach is embodied in a network of asynchronous processes that establish(More)
1 7 53 81 1 Abstract This report describes progress in development of an integrated mobile robot system at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute from July 1986 to June 1987. Our program includes a broad agenda of research in the development of mobile robot vehicles. In the year covered by this report, we addressed two major areas in vehicle development(More)
not the case with, for example, a neural net representation. The large number of free parameters allows the histo-gram to represent a wider range of density shapes than is possible with a multi-Gaussian PDF. Computing probability densities from the model is computationally fast when compared to any of the alternatives (particularly to K-nearest neighbor); a(More)
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