Henning Mersch

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A major goal of proteomics is the complete description of the protein interaction network underlying cell physiology. A large number of small scale and, more recently, large-scale experiments have contributed to expanding our understanding of the nature of the interaction network. However, the necessary data integration across experiments is currently(More)
We present four tools for the analysis of RNA secondary structure. They provide animated visualization of multiple structures, prediction of potential conformational switching, structure comparison (including local structure alignment) and prediction of structures potentially containing a certain kind of pseudoknots. All are available via the Bielefeld(More)
Today, there is a growing need in bioinformatics to combine available software tools into chains, thus building complex applications from existing single-task tools. To create such workflows, the tools involved have to be able to work with each other's data – therefore, a common set of well-defined data formats is needed. Unfortunately, current(More)
This article describes how the service-oriented approach could be adopted to the automation environment. The concept of services could be used to classify services of large, heterogeneous systems. One of the main aspects of services is the dynamic assignment and usage at runtime. Taking this into account, dynamic, flexible and scalable systems could be(More)
Our web-based tool simplifies the often laborious procedure of retrieving a set of biosequences in a publication or webpage. As a front-end to the Bioperl toolkit, it accepts as an input a list of identifiers. They are specified in an ASCII table (copy-pasted from the publication's PDF or HTML page) and give rise to queries in multiple databases for the(More)
Zusammenfassung In der industriellen Produktion haben sich diskrete Fertigung und Prozesstechnik als weitgehend getrennte Domänen herausgebildet. Immer häufiger erfordern heutzutage jedoch sowohl Entwicklungssystematiken als auch konkrete Produktionsanforderungen die Integration der unterschiedlichen Systeme und Modelle. Als Voraussetzung für eine(More)
Thursday, October 23 11:00 12:30 SN&S: Smart Network and Service Room: B303 Demystifying the Magic of Cache Thresholds in the Android Media Framework Jian Huang, Di Wu and Jian He (Sun Yat-Sen University, P.R. China) Energy-Efficient Dispatching Policy for Virus Scanning as a Service under N-Version Protection Weiwen Zhang and Yonggang Wen (Nanyang(More)
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