Henning Möller

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The present paper describes a concept for an onboard system specially designed for surveillance of catenaries of railways in front of trains. Damages to pantographs caused by defects or obstacles in catenaries will be avoided by such a system by retracting the pantograph in time. The special situation of this application is discussed. An overview of the(More)
The present paper describes the concept and first results of a system, capable to detect obstacles in catenaries as an onboard tool. To avoid a damage of the pantograph it must be retracted immediately after an obstacle is detected. The presented system is based on a triocular camera sensor system combined with smart image processing routines. The present(More)
Today’s information society is experiencing a steadily increasing convergence of telecommunications, information exchange, digital video, and commercial process services. Advanced coding of audio, video, and data is the essential basis for efficiently exploiting data bandwidth capacities and user-friendly presentation of coded information. To meet these(More)
A precision optical printer is described for producing stereoorthophoto maps from aerial stereo photos, complete with the rectified image of the terrain, contours, symbols, and annotation. The printer forms part of the stereoorthophoto system that was conceived and is currently under development at the National Research Council of Canada. Stereoorthophotos(More)
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