Henning Kuhnert

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The last interglacial period (about 125,000 years ago) is thought to have been at least as warm as the present climate. Owing to changes in the Earth's orbit around the Sun, it is thought that insolation in the Northern Hemisphere varied more strongly than today on seasonal timescales, which would have led to corresponding changes in the seasonal(More)
The Sahara Desert is the largest source of mineral dust in the world. Emissions of African dust increased sharply in the early 1970s (ref. 2), a change that has been attributed mainly to drought in the Sahara/Sahel region caused by changes in the global distribution of sea surface temperature. The human contribution to land degradation and dust mobilization(More)
In recent studies the Sr/Ca ratio of coccolithophore calcite was used as a proxy for past coccolithophore growth and calcification rates. Since Sr and Ca concentrations in seawater have not remained constant through time, interpretation of Sr/Ca data from the coccolith-dominated sedimentary record requires knowledge about the incorporation of seawater Sr(More)
Sclerochronological records of interannual shell growth variability were established for eight modern shells (26 to 163 years of age) of the bivalve Arctica islandica, which were sampled at one site in the inner German Bight. The records indicate generally low synchrony between individuals. Spectral analysis of the whole 163-yr masterchronology indicated a(More)
State-of-the-art monolithic oscillators and VCOs using the commercially available TEMIC SiGe1-process are presented. Results comprise a 4.75 GHz buffered VCO with up to 18 dBm output power and 1 GHz tuning bandwidth, a 17 GHz oscillator with 8 dBm output power and a 25 GHz oscillator delivering 4.2 dBm. For the 25 GHz MMIC-oscillator, a single sideband(More)
 A core from a coral colony of Porites lutea was analysed for stable oxygen isotopic composition*. A 200-year proxy record of sea surface temperatures from the Houtman Abrolhos Islands off west Australia was obtained from coral δ18O. At 29′S, the Houtman Abrolhos are the southernmost major reef complex of the Indian Ocean. They are located on the path of(More)
This study was designed to determine the compliance of restaurants to the wheelchair accessibility standards set forth in the Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. The standards that were operationalized in this study are also found in Title III of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990. The data were collected at 120 sites in three midwestern(More)
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