Henning Christiansen

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A grammar formalism based upon CHR is proposed analogously to the way Definite Clause Grammars are defined and implemented on top of Prolog. These grammars execute as robust bottom-up parsers with an inherent treatment of ambiguity and a high flexibility to model various linguistic phenomena. The formalism extends previous logic programming based grammars(More)
We present HYPROLOG, a novel integration of Prolog with assumptions and abduction which is implemented in and partly borrows syntax from Constraint Handling Rules (CHR) for integrity constraints. Assumptions are a mechanism inspired by linear logic and taken over from Assumption Grammars. The language shows a novel flexibility in the interaction between the(More)
Integrity constraint and abduction are important in query-answering systems for enhanced query processing and for expressing knowledge in databases. A straightforward characterization of the two is given in a subset of the language CHR , originally intended for writing constraint solvers to be applied for CLP languages. This subset has a strikingly simple(More)
ENOD12 is one of the first nodulin genes expressed upon inoculation with Rhizobium and also purified Nod factors are able to induce ENOD12 expression. The ENOD12 gene family in pea (Pisum sativum) has two members. A cDNA clone representing PsENOD12A [26] and a PsENOD12B genomic clone [7] have been previously described. The isolation and characterization of(More)
A class of Probabilistic Abductive Logic Programs (PALPs) is introduced and an implementation is developed in CHR for solving abductive problems, providing minimal explanations with their probabilities. Both all-explanations and most-probable-explanations versions are given. Compared with other probabilistic versions of abductive logic programming, the(More)
A grammar formalism called GHRG based on CHR is proposed analogously to the way Definite Clause Grammars are defined and implemented on top of Prolog. A CHRG executes as a robust bottom-up parser with an inherent treatment of ambiguity. The rules of a CHRG may refer to grammar symbols on either side of a sequence to be matched and this provides a powerful(More)
The contribution of an alpha-adrenoceptor-mediated component to the final inotropic response to noradrenaline in the absence and presence of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor stimulation (which exerts a 'functional' antagonism of effects mediated through beta-adrenoceptors but not through alpha-adrenoceptors) was evaluated by recording contraction and(More)
The pea genes PsENOD12A and PsENOD12B are expressed in the root hairs shortly after infection with the nitrogen-fixing bacterium Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. viciae or after application of purified Nod factors. A 199 bp promoter fragment of the PsENOD12B gene contains sufficient information for Nod factor-induced tissue-specific expression. We have isolated(More)