Henning C. Weddig

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Due to its scale and tight specifications, the European XFEL poses real challenges in the field of low-level radio-frequency (LLRF) control. The implementation of this semi-distributed control system on the microTCA for physics (MTCA.4) platform triggered numerous designs of electronic boards and helped refine the usage of MTCA.4 technology for physics and(More)
The RF Phase Reference Distribution System (PRDS) must deliver a highly RF phase stable signal to many various RF subsystems of the X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) and in the future the TESLA linear collider. The required phase synchronization corresponding to the short term stability of 1ps must be guaranteed. Taking into consideration large amount of(More)
This paper describes the project of a low-noise 1.3 GHz PLL synthesizer designed to synchronize a 1.3 GHz DRO to 100 MHz reference signal. This synthesizer was built for the Master Oscillator of the European XFEL project. Designed prototype incorporates both a mixer and a sampling phase detector circuits to compare phase noise performance.
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