Henning C Fiegel

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For the development of innovative cell-based liver directed therapies, e.g. liver tissue engineering, the use of stem cells might be very attractive to overcome the limitation of donor liver tissue. Liver specific differentiation of embryonic, fetal or adult stem cells is currently under investigation. Different types of fetal liver (stem) cells during(More)
Today, liver transplantation is still the only curative treatment for liver failure due to end-stages liver diseases. Donor organ shortage, high cost and the need of immunosuppressive medications are still the major limitations in the field of liver transplantation. Thus, alternative innovative cell-based liver directed therapies, e.g. liver tissue(More)
Today liver transplantation is the only curative option for the treatment of end-stage liver diseases. A major limitation of liver transplantation is the donor organ shortage. Therefore, tissue engineering based cell transplantation is currently under investigation with the aim to replace liver tissue and function. The principle of tissue engineering is the(More)
Until today, the puzzling spectrum of midgut "malrotations" is commonly explained by an "impaired" process of rotation of the midgut. However, a closer look at the literature reveals that the description of this "process of rotation" is rather schematic and is aimed more at explaining pathological findings, while detailed proper embryological investigations(More)
INTRODUCTION Intussusception is a typical abdominal emergency in early childhood. CASE DESCRIPTION We report a case of an infant in the typically affected age group with an intussusception triggered by a rare benign intramural intestinal adenomyoma as a pathological lead point. The infant had the typical symptoms of a recurrent idiopathic ileocolic(More)
The use of foetal liver cells (FLC) in the context of hepatic tissue engineering might permit efficient in vitro expansion and cryopreservation in a cell bank. A prerequisite for successful application of bioartificial liver tissue is sufficient initial vascularization. In this study, we evaluated the transplantation of fibrin gel-immobilized FLC in a(More)
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