Henning Bulow

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The performance of different electronic equalization and processing schemes for 40- and 10-Gb/s optical transmission over single-mode fiber (SMF) are discussed, from the point of their ability to compensate chromatic dispersion (CD) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD). In addition, the impact of fiber nonlinearity and modulation format on equalization is(More)
This paper investigates the performance of iterative (turbo) equalization to mitigate the effects of a polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) in nonreturn-to-zero (NRZ) intensity-modulated optical-fiber transmission systems. A PMD can lead to severe distortions in the received electrical signal and is a key limiter for the development of high-bit-rate(More)
A theoretical approach is proposed that allows one to quantify the impact of fiber polarization mode dispersion (PMD) on optical binary transmission taking into account not only first-order polarization mode dispersion, but also signal distortion induced by second-order PMD. Using this approach the impact of the spectral signal width on PMD-induced system(More)
A polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) transient recorder setup was realized enabling for the first time to our knowledge the monitoring of fast PMD fluctuation with a bandwidth of up to 1 MHz. Thirty-six hours of observation of an installed field fiber exhibits significant PMD variation within 10 ms.