Henning Beck

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Compared to the cytoplasmic F-actin abundance in cells, nuclear F-actin levels are generally quite low. However, nuclear actin is present in certain cell types including oocytes and under certain cellular conditions including stress or serum stimulation. Currently, the architecture and polymerization status of nuclear actin networks has not been analyzed in(More)
CONTEXT A national reform of the postgraduate medical education in Denmark introduced (1) Outcome-based education, (2) The CanMEDS framework of competence related to seven roles of the doctor, and (3) In-training assessment. OBJECTIVES The purpose of the study was to evaluate the process of developing new curricula for 38 specialist training programmes.(More)
Aberrant mitochondrial function, morphology, and transport are main features of neurodegenerative diseases. To date, mitochondrial transport within neurons is thought to rely mainly on microtubules, whereas actin might mediate short-range movements and mitochondrial anchoring. Here, we analyzed the impact of actin on neuronal mitochondrial size and(More)
Peritoneal carcinomatosis is an advanced form of metastatic disease characterized by cancer cell dissemination onto the peritoneum. It is commonly observed in ovarian and colorectal cancers and is associated with poor patient survival. Novel therapies consist of cytoreductive surgery in combination with intraperitoneal chemotherapy, aiming at tumor cell(More)
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