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Freeze-fracture replicas demonstrate that the apical membrane of the chloride cells of young adult lampreys (Geotria australis) undergoes a structural change when the animal is acclimated from freshwater to seawater. Although the particles on both the P face and the E face of this membrane are randomly distributed in freshwater animals, they are usually(More)
Connexins constitute the channel-forming proteins of gap junctions. Gap junctions are considered to be involved in the regulation of cell proliferation. To verify this hypothesis for connexin43, the most abundant connexin in brain tissue, we have analyzed the expression of this gap junction protein in the subependymal layer and the rostral migratory stream(More)
Selection of microporous hydrophobic membranes for use in gas/liquid contactors: An experimental approach. Preparation of highly asymmetric hollow fiber membranes from poly(ether imide) by a modified dry-wet phase inversion technique using a triple spinneret. Influence of process parameters on the corrosion properties of electrolytic conversion plasma(More)
Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) was used to study the changes that occur in the morphological relationships between chloride and pavement cells in the gills during acclimation of young adult lampreys to seawater. Because chloride cells are located predominantly between lamellae and are thus obscured from view, the lamellae were removed with the use of a(More)
The intramembrane organization of the sarcolemma at the sites of myotendinous and myomuscular junctions was studied in the gill sac-muscle of the Atlantic hagfish, Myxine glutinosa, by using freeze-fracture replicas. At these sites rows of irregularly shaped particles (diameter approximately 6 nm) and short fibrils are present on the P face and a(More)
Automation of wet chemical analytical procedures, particularly titration, photometry and chromatography, have wide application in industrial laboratories. Very often some sample pretreatment must be carried out to transfer the sample into a suitable state for the measurement or chromatographic process. In industrial analysis, samples are very often solids(More)
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