Hennig Dralle

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This study aims to examine the frequency of the pheochromocytoma (pheo), defined as a “benign, intra-adrenal, hypertensive, sporadic, unilateral tumor.” Three large series amounting to 310 subphrenic chromaffin tumors operated over periods of 17, 23, and 41 years, respectively, have been reviewed. Among those combined 310 pheos, 48 (15.5%) were malignant(More)
‘‘Eminence is good—evidence is better.’’ How does this principle apply to the field of endocrine surgery as it stands today? Endocrine diseases encompass a variety of sporadic and hereditary disorders that involve many organs and organ systems. Some but not all are amenable to surgery. Endocrine diseases represent a wide spectrum of benign and malignant(More)
A case of hereditary AA amyloidosis with Muckle-Wells syndrome is described. After a successful kidney transplantation for chronic renal failure due to renal amyloid deposits at age 21, the patient, a white female now 26 years of age, developed a large amyloid goiter as a manifestation of the systemic amyloidosis and recurrent monarthritides. Both(More)
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