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Experiments were carried out to examine the effects of a Fusarium contaminated wheat (10 mg deoxynivalenol and 0.76 mg zearalenone, ZON, per kg dry matter) and of a detoxifying agent (Mycofix Plus, Biomin GmbH, Herzogenburg, Austria) on the growing performance of bulls, carry-over of ZON and its metabolites into body fluids and tissues, and on nutrient(More)
There is no established therapeutic regimen for treatment of hypoparathyroidism during pregnancy. This is due particularly to uncertainty about the use of vitamin D or its analogues, as in animal experiments teratogenic side-effects have been reported. Nevertheless, vitamin D or its analogues are required to control tetany predisposing to abortion and(More)
Sixteen dairy cows were studied to assess the status of the natural antioxidant vitamin E and lipid peroxidation in their livers. Cows with liver failure (n = 7) showed clinical signs of a hepatic encephalopathy and had the following values of selected blood indices: AST > 80 U/l and GLDH > 15 U/l in serum, and venous plasma ammonia > 35 mmol/l. The control(More)
To investigate the contributions of various cytokines that are involved in mechanically related bone formation, we applied defined uniaxial strains in a rabbit model of mandibular elongation and examined the regenerating bone during early stages of dist raction osteogenesis by histomorphometry. We also measured serum concentrations of various cytokines(More)
Blood parameters, feed intake and milk yield were determined in 53 cows with a left displacement of the abomasum (LDA) on the day of surgery (ds; laparotomy and omentopexy) and during the following four days (d1-d4). Using histological methods severe (group SF), moderate (group MF) or no/mild (group NF) fatty liver was found in 32%, 40% and 28% of the(More)
Current customary medication with anxiolytic potential has different main-points of impact and individual potentials of risk, which influence strategies of therapy in a limiting way. Benzodiazepines--which are very effective in various anxiety-disorders--can therefore only be applied under well controllable conditions within a limited period of time, in(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the value of ultrasonography as an imaging technique for the assessment of respiratory diseases in calves. Postmortem findings were used as a 'gold standard'. Eighteen calves aged up to five months which suffered from pneumonia or bronchopneumonia were used. Ultrasonographic and postmortem findings were recorded in eight(More)
BACKGROUND For pathological gambling (PG), a 12-month prevalence rate of up to 0.66% has been reported. Multiple financial, occupational and relationship problems and losses, humiliation of the person and the environment are possible side effects and may lead to hopelessness, suicidal ideation and suicidal behavior. Suicide attempt rates among pathological(More)
In 20 dairy cows the effect of a single vitamin E injection on cortisol and white blood cell response to surgical stress was investigated. Abdominal surgery (omentopexy) was carried out in order to correct a left abomasal displacement. Ten hours prior to surgery 10 cows were injected intramuscularly with 10 mg DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate per kg body weight.(More)