Henna Sivula

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Decisions regarding software evolution strategies such as modernizations are economically important. We present results of our empirical study of the views of decision makers. We have asked their views of the relative importance of 49 software modernization decision criteria. We have gathered data from Finnish software industry. There were 26 experts from 8(More)
This report charts and compares some of the most promising methods and approaches available for 1) estimating the profitability of software modernizations and for 2) supporting the actual modernizations. Thus, we're concerned both with providing arguments for informed decisions regarding software modernizations, and charting effective technical(More)
Software evolution decision-making is important. Decisions can be made by an individual or a group. Currently it is not known how decision-making is organized in software industry. However, that knowledge is needed to improve the decision-making processes. Therefore, we have studied 29 decision making experts, who were involved in software evolution(More)
Software modernization and replacement decisions are crucial to many organizations. They affect greatly to the success and well being of the organizations and their people. The decisions like that are usually presumed to be rational and based on facts. These decisions and how they are made tell much about the decision makers and the decision making tools(More)
This paper describes the results of an empirical study focusing on software modernization decision making in software industry. 29 decision making experts were interviewed. The main aim was to gather versatile information about their views by posing 26 questions concerning decision making. Topics of interest of these questions included: decision makers,(More)
ELTIS is a research project aiming at supporting the process of selecting software modernization strategies and estimating the business value of modernizations. The project is funded by TEKES (National Technology Agency of Finland) and Finnish software industry. Modernizations are large-scale changes of information systems which are performed in order to(More)
This report describes the results of an interview study carried out in ELTIS project at the Information Technology Research Institute. The goal of the study was to find out different characteristics currently present in software modernization decision-making. For this study 29 persons were interviewed from both software vendor organizations and their client(More)
ELTIS (Extending the Lifetime of Information Systems) is a research project carried out in the Information Technology Research Institute, University of Jyväskylä, and financed by National Technology Agency of Finland and industrial partners. ELTIS is concerned with software maintenance and evolution. The project aims at supporting evaluation of software(More)