Henk van Wilgenburg

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In a closed metabolic ward the pharmacokinetics of methadone and its primary metabolite (EDDP) were studied in 20 long-term opiate addicts. After administration of the daily oral dose of methadone HCl (mean 60 mg, range 10-225 mg) blood samples were taken and analysed, using a newly developed high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method. The(More)
Ivermectin treatment of onchocerciasis patients can be accompanied by adverse reactions. Not much is known concerning the pathogenesis of these reactions. Previous studies have demonstrated that the occurrence and extent of adverse reactions are related to infection intensity. However, some severely infected patients experience relatively few adverse(More)
Dexamethasone (50 microgram/kg) significantly increased the LD50 of d-tubocurarine (d-TC) when administered i.p. simultaneously with d-TC. Choline (50 and 100 mg/kg) gave some protection against the lethal effects of d-TC and the cholinesterase inhibitors neostigmine (250 microgram/kg) and physostigmine (1000 microgram/kg) provided full protection against(More)
Proper experimental design, involving the correct number of animals, should be a basic skill for any scientist working with animals. The authors describe a university-developed and freely available tutorial program and an interactive computer-assisted learning program, both of which guide students through the steps necessary for designing animal experiments(More)
The benzodiazepine analogue Ro 05-4864 [chlorodiazepam] (2.10[-5] to 4.10[-4] M) induced a concentration-dependent increase of coronary flow rate (Emax 82.4% [+/- 2.2 SEM]) and an increase of contraction force (Emax 68.3% [+/- 4.7 SEM]) of the retrograde perfused, isolated Langendorff rat heart. The influence of PK 11195, antagonist of the peripheral type(More)
In the rat phrenic nerve-diaphragm preparation the twitch tension and tetanic contractions, already reduced by d-tubocurarine, succinylchloride or neostigmine, are further reduced by the venom of the digger wasp Philanthus triangulum F. The venom reduces the temperature- and voltage-sensitivity of the acetylcholine-receptor-activated ion channels, at the(More)
The clinical effectiveness of l-methadone maintenance treatment (LMMT) carried out using d,l-methadone or l-methadone have been compared with ambulatory heroin-dependent subjects. A total of 40 heroin-dependent subjects, previously maintained on l-methadone in Frankfurt am Main, were divided into two groups under randomised double-blind conditions and(More)