Henk van Mameren

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OBJECTIVES The authors' goals were to compare the effectiveness of manual therapy (MT; mainly spinal mobilization), physical therapy (PT; mainly exercise therapy), and continued care by the general practitioner (GP; analgesics, counseling and education) over a period of 1 year. METHODS One hundred eighty-three patients suffering for at least 2 weeks from(More)
OBJECTIVES In multiple-choice tests using a 'don't-know' option the number of correct minus incorrect answers was used as the test score (formula scoring) in order to reduce the measurement error resulting from random guessing. In the literature diverging results are reported when comparing formula scoring and number-right scoring, the scoring method(More)
For patients with neck problems valuable functional and diagnostic information can be obtained from a fluoroscopy video of a flexion-extension movement of the cervical spine. In most cases physicians have to manually extract the vertebrae, making the analysis of these video sequences tedious and time consuming. In this paper we propose an automatic fast and(More)
FF Number pages consecutively at the bottom throughout the application. Do not use suffixes such as 3a, 3b. Give the following information for the key personnel and consultants and collaborators. Begin with the principal investigator/program director. Photocopy this page for each person. EDUCATION (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional(More)
In skeletal muscle, interventions that unload the muscle cause slow-to-fast myosin heavy chain (MHC) conversions, whereas fast-to-slow conversions are seen when the muscles are engaged in resistance training and endurance exercise. The stapedius muscle (SM) is reported to prevent cochlear damage by noise. This theory may be supported by showing comparable(More)
Introduction Back and neck complaints occur frequently in western countries. It is estimated that some 80% of all people experience back problems during their active life (Nachemson 1976). Neck problems are less frequently reported, but are still a major health problem. In most cases no underlying pathology can be established and thus the causes of the(More)
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