Henk van Mameren

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STUDY DESIGN Anatomic study of the suboccipital region, specifically the deep muscles of the suboccipital triangle, was performed in cadaveric specimens. OBJECTIVE To observe and describe the relationship between the deep suboccipital musculature and the spinal dura. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA A review of the literature revealed no reports describing a(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness of manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, treatment by the general practitioner, and placebo therapy in patients with persistent non-specific back and neck complaints. DESIGN Randomised clinical trial. SETTING Primary health care in the Netherlands. PATIENTS 256 patients with non-specific back and neck complaints(More)
An accurate and reproducible measurement method for joint motion is essential for classification of success or failure in therapeutic intervention. Digital goniometry is increasingly used as a method of classification for knee joint excursion. The reliability of goniometry however remains debatable. Aim of the study was to determine both intra- and(More)
A fast method has been developed to determine the position of the outlines of bony structures on X-ray photographs of the cervical spine movements in the sagittal plane (105 mm spot film camera; 4 frames per second; about 10 seconds per complete anteflexion-retroflexion or vice versa). This method corrects for incongruity of the vertebral contours on(More)
Anteflexion and retroflexion movements of the cervical spine were recorded cineradiographically during three measuring sessions to determine reproducibility as well as intraindividual and interindividual variability of segmental instantaneous centers of rotation (recorded as "averaged" and "standard"). Segmental averaged instantaneous centers of rotation(More)
OBJECTIVES The authors' goals were to compare the effectiveness of manual therapy (MT; mainly spinal mobilization), physical therapy (PT; mainly exercise therapy), and continued care by the general practitioner (GP; analgesics, counseling and education) over a period of 1 year. METHODS One hundred eighty-three patients suffering for at least 2 weeks from(More)
We test the premise that peak plantar pressure is located directly under the bony prominences in the forefoot region. The right foot of standing volunteers was examined in three different postures by a CT-scanner. The plantar pressure distribution was simultaneously recorded. The position of the metatarsal heads and the sesamoids could be related to the(More)
Chemical analysis of brain tumour cyst contents has invalidated the concept of cyst formation being the result of tumour necrosis, and a common mechanism of vasogenic brain oedema and cyst formation, namely blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption, has been suggested. To analyse a possible relationship between the occurrence of vasogenic oedema and the presence(More)
BACKGROUND Reproducibility measurements of the range of motion are an important prerequisite for the interpretation of study results. The aim of the study is to assess the intra-rater and inter-rater reproducibility of the measurement of active Range of Motion (ROM) in patients with neck pain using the Cybex Electronic Digital Inclinometer-320 (EDI-320). (More)
For patients with neck problems valuable functional and diagnostic information can be obtained from a fluoroscopy video of a flexion-extension movement of the cervical spine. In most cases physicians have to manually extract the vertebrae, making the analysis of these video sequences tedious and time consuming. In this paper we propose an automatic fast and(More)