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3Rob A de Bie
2Johannes J Manni
2Ronald N Wessel
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For patients with neck problems valuable functional and diagnostic information can be obtained from a fluoroscopy video of a flexion-extension movement of the cervical spine. In most cases physicians have to manually extract the vertebrae, making the analysis of these video sequences tedious and time consuming. In this paper we propose an automatic fast and(More)
BACKGROUND Reproducibility measurements of the range of motion are an important prerequisite for the interpretation of study results. The aim of the study is to assess the intra-rater and inter-rater reproducibility of the measurement of active Range of Motion (ROM) in patients with neck pain using the Cybex Electronic Digital Inclinometer-320 (EDI-320). (More)
An accurate and reproducible measurement method for joint motion is essential for classification of success or failure in therapeutic intervention. Digital goniometry is increasingly used as a method of classification for knee joint excursion. The reliability of goniometry however remains debatable. Aim of the study was to determine both intra- and(More)
We test the premise that peak plantar pressure is located directly under the bony prominences in the forefoot region. The right foot of standing volunteers was examined in three different postures by a CT-scanner. The plantar pressure distribution was simultaneously recorded. The position of the metatarsal heads and the sesamoids could be related to the(More)
BACKGROUND Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair is described as being a successful procedure. These results are often derived from clinical general shoulder examinations, which are then classified as 'excellent', 'good', 'fair' or 'poor'. However, the cut-off points for these classifications vary and sometimes modified scores are used.Arthroscopic rotator cuff(More)
The stapedius muscle (SM) is reported to prevent cochlear damage by noise. Functional demands are then the ability of fast contraction with long endurance. At the end of the third postnatal week, the middle ear of the rat is completely pneumatized and according to electrophysiological data, the auditory function starts to match the adult. We investigated(More)
BACKGROUND When surgically treating cervical degenerative disc disease, the most commonly performed procedure is anterior cervical discectomy. This procedure is performed with, or without fusion promoting methods. For both options the rate of fusion is high and there is much debate whether fusion of the treated segment is a contributing factor to(More)
BACKGROUND The WORC is a quality of life questionnaire designed for patients with disorders of the rotator cuff, originally developed in English. The purpose of this study was to cross-culturally adapt the WORC for use in the Dutch population and to evaluate reliability, agreement and floor and ceiling effects of this Dutch version in a population of(More)
In skeletal muscle, interventions that unload the muscle cause slow-to-fast myosin heavy chain (MHC) conversions, whereas fast-to-slow conversions are seen when the muscles are engaged in resistance training and endurance exercise. The stapedius muscle (SM) is reported to prevent cochlear damage by noise. This theory may be supported by showing comparable(More)
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