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Reliability issues in solid state lighting (SSL) devices based on light emitting diodes (LED) is of major concern as it is a limiting factor to promote these optoelectronic devices for general lighting purposes. This postulate is even truer for high power devices in which high current and thus high thermal load are involved. In order to increase reliability(More)
Potential application of the high aspect ratio cryogenic SF 6 /O 2 plasma ething process for developing trench based inertial micromechanical devices with capacitive sensing, is investigated and demonstrated. An IC-technology compatible process flow involving anodic bonding of silicon to glass and plasma etching as a single post processing step is(More)
We explore a methodology for patterned copper nanoparticle paste for 3D interconnect applications in wafer to wafer (W2W) bonding. A novel fine pitch thermal compression bonding process (sintering) with coated copper nanoparticle paste was developed. Most of the particle size is between 10-30 nm. Lithographically defined stencil printing using photoresist(More)
— Recently applying an intelligent self-curing system to get a feedback from the LED light in order to control its intensity with driving current has attracted so much attention. This study presents a silicon stripe-shaped photodiode which is successfully designed and fabricated using a 2μm BiCMOS process. This process flow integrates simultaneously the(More)
—The parasitic factors that strongly influence the measurement accuracy of Cross-Bridge Kelvin Resistor (CBKR) structures for low specific contact resistances (c) have been extensively discussed during last few decades and the minimum of the c value, which could be accurately extracted, was estimated. We fabricated a set of various metal-to-metal CBKR(More)
Lithography as developed for IC device fabrication is a high volume high accuracy patterning technology with strong 2 dimensional (2D) characteristics. This 2D nature makes it a challenge to integrate this technology in a 3 dimensional (3D) manufacturing environment. This article addresses the performance of a waferstepper (ASML PAS5000) in several 3D(More)
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