Henk Stoffels

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Factors which could influence the success of experimental infections of Anopheles gambiae with Plasmodium falciparum were investigated in Cameroon. 139 experimental infections with different gametocyte carriers were performed. 86 (62%) gave rise to mosquito infection after dissection of at least 20 mosquitoes. Among succeeding infections, the mean(More)
The daily rhythm in feeding activity in mammals, as driven by the biological clock, largely determines the daily fluctuations in basal concentrations of glucose and insulin. To investigate a possible direct impact of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) on these parameters, we subjected intact rats and SCN-lesioned rats to a fasting regimen of 36h, or to a(More)
Working in a clinical setting the psychiatrist experiences relatives of patients in varying situations. Our study describes the relative playing the role of the accompanying person, the role of the visitor, the role of the accused and the role of a group member. The distortions of perspective being an immanent danger of psychiatric therapeutic endeavour can(More)
This article reflects on psychotherapeutic and sociotherapeutic components contained in clinical psychiatric work, seen under the aspect of coping with resistance and hostility experienced by the psychiatrist during his work both from his environment and his patients. Any self-aggrandisement on the part of the therapist, if he begins to identify himself(More)
Domiciliary visiting and follow-up care of mentally ill patients is one of the foci of treatment-and-care activities of a mobile outpatient care unit working in social psychiatry. Its self-declared aim is to either avoid or to cut down inpatient treatment or reference to a psychiatric hospital or asylum, and thus to enable the patient to lead a life of(More)
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