Henk Stoelhorst

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In literature there are several approaches to eliminate shock waves on freeways by means of dynamic speed limits. Most of them incorporate control systems that have a high computational complexity or that contain parameters without direct physical interpretation, which may make the application in real life difficult. Here we present an approach called(More)
Shock waves on freeways can be resolved by dynamic speed limits. In an earlier publication we presented an approach to solve shock waves based on shock wave theory, the so-called SPECIALIST algorithm, and the potential of the algorithm was established by simulation. In this paper a method is presented to evaluate the expected effectivity of the SPECIALIST(More)
In June 2003, the Dutch National Salmonella Centre reported a significant excess isolation rate of Salmonella Enteritidis when compared with earlier years in most regional public health laboratories. By the end of 2003, this amounted to an extra 540 laboratory confirmed cases for the whole of the Netherlands, which implies an estimated 7500 extra cases of(More)
In the past few years, field trials with dynamic speed limits have been carried out on the Dutch freeway network. This paper discusses the tests at one of the field trial locations. On this location two test were carried out; the speed limit was lowered when there were congestion problems and during heavy rain. The field trial lasted for six months. Two new(More)
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