Henk S Schipper

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The development of resistance to chemotherapy is a major obstacle for lasting effective treatment of cancer. Here, we demonstrate that endogenous mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) become activated during treatment with platinum analogs and secrete factors that protect tumor cells against a range of chemotherapeutics. Through a metabolomics approach, we(More)
In contrast to human phonation, the virtuoso vocalizations of most birds are modulated at the level of the sound generator, the syrinx. We address the hypothesis that syringeal muscles are physiologically capable of controlling the sound-generating syringeal membranes in the ring dove (Streptopelia risoria) syrinx. We establish the role of the(More)
Obesity-induced adipose tissue (AT) dysfunction results in a chronic low-grade inflammation that predisposes to the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. During the development of obesity, the AT-resident immune cell profile alters to create a pro-inflammatory state. Very recently, CD1d-restricted invariant (i) natural killer T (NKT) cells,(More)
The therapeutic efficacy of gemcitabine, a new nucleoside analogue, was assessed in a variety of well-established human soft tissue sarcoma and ovarian cancer xenografts grown s.c. in nude mice. Tumour lines selected had different histological subtypes, growth rates and sensitivities to conventional cytostatic agents. The three different doses and schedules(More)
Lipid overload and adipocyte dysfunction are key to the development of insulin resistance and can be induced by a high-fat diet. CD1d-restricted invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cells have been proposed as mediators between lipid overload and insulin resistance, but recent studies found decreased iNKT cell numbers and marginal effects of iNKT cell(More)
In adults, circulating inflammatory mediators and activated CD14++ monocytes link obesity to its metabolic and cardiovascular complications. However, it is largely unknown whether these inflammatory changes already occur in childhood obesity. To survey inflammatory changes during the early stages of obesity, we performed a comprehensive analysis of(More)
Mammalian bone is an active tissue in which osteoblasts and osteoclasts balance bone mass. This process of adaptive modelling and remodelling is probably regulated by strain-sensing osteocytes. Bone of advanced teleosts is acellular yet, despite the lack of osteocytes, it is capable of an adaptive response to physical stimuli. Strenuous exercise is known to(More)
The presence, location and morphology of cells containing nuage, an ultrastructural characteristic of primordial germ cells (PGCs), is described from the moment of first morphological recognition of PGC (around 100% epiboly) in embryos of the teleost fish Barbus conchonius. Thus characterized cells were studied in relation to their cellular contacts with(More)
Mechanical load is an important factor in the differentiation of cells and tissues. To investigate the effects of increased mechanical load on development of muscle and bone, zebrafish were subjected to endurance swim training for 6 h/day for 10 wk starting at 14 days after fertilization. During the first 3 wk of training, trained fish showed transiently(More)
A carp caudal cDNA of 1.3 kb was cloned after screening an early segmentation stage cDNA library with a probe produced by PCR using conserved homeobox sequences as primers and genomic DNA as template. The homeobox gene was called carp-cdxl. The gene appears highly similar to other vertebrate caudal homologs, especially the zebrafish gene cdx(Zf-cad). The(More)