Henk P. van der Jeugd

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Pre-breeding survival, i.e. survival from fledging up to the third winter, of barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis) was analysed by using more than 45000 resightings of 1302 individually marked birds. Since observations from the wintering areas only were used, the survival estimates obtained were not confounded by natal dispersal. Post-fledging survival, i.e.(More)
All ecological communities experience change over time. One method to quantify temporal variation in the patterns of relative abundance of communities is time lag analysis (TLA). It uses a distance-based approach to study temporal community dynamics by regressing community dissimilarity over increasing time lags (one-unit lags, two-unit lags, three-unit(More)
Numerous anthropogenic activities threaten the biodiversity found on earth. Because all ecological communities constantly experience temporal turnover due to natural processes, it is important to distinguish between change due to anthropogenic impact and the underlying natural rate of change. In this study, we used data sets on breeding bird communities(More)
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