Henk Jalink

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Recent advances in genome sequencing technologies have shifted the research bottleneck in plant sciences from genotyping to phenotyping. This shift has driven the development of phenomics, high-throughput non-invasive phenotyping technologies. We describe an automated high-throughput phenotyping platform, the Phenovator, capable of screening 1440(More)
In this paper, a laboratory goniometer system for performing multi-angular measurements under controlled illumination conditions is described. A commercially available robotic arm enables the acquisition of a large number of measurements over the full hemisphere within a short time span making it much faster than other goniometers. In addition, the(More)
The photoacoustic frequency spectrum under steady-state conditions from Philodendron green leaves attached to the plant was measured in the 0.2–200 Hz frequency range. The PA amplitude spectrum showed a maximum at low frequency (around 1 Hz) which was attributed to an optimum frequency for oxygen evolution. The signal decreased at a lower frequency, where(More)
The chlorophyll (Chl) fluorescence imaging technique was applied to cashew seedlings inoculated with the fungus Lasiodiplodia theobromae to assess any disturbances in the photosynthetic apparatus of the plants before the onset of visual symptoms. Two-month-old cashew plants were inoculated with mycelium of L. theobromae isolate Lt19 or Lt32. Dark-adapted(More)
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