Henk J. Olivié

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In this paper, we present HOME, a new environment for distributed hy-permedia. We mainly concentrate on the server side, and provide access to WorldWide Web clients through a gateway mechanism. Data and metadata are strictly separated in the distributed HOME server. The architecture is based on a layered approach with separate layers for raw data,(More)
INTRODUCTION Hypermedia users with different goals and knowledge may be interested in different pieces of information and may use different links for navigation. Irrelevant information and links overload their working memories and screen [1]. In order to overcome this problem, it is possible to use information represented in a user model and then adapt the(More)
Traditionally, two paradigms are discerned with respect to data retrieval [3, 17]:1. A <i>query mechanism</i> enables the user to express conditions that characterize the data he is looking for. The Data Base Management System (DBMS) is responsible for retrieval of the data that satisfy these conditions.2. <i>Navigation</i> or <i>browsing</i> can be used to(More)