Henk Hoogland

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OBJECTIVE To qualify and quantify endometrial waves in regularly cycling women. DESIGN A prospective transvaginal ultrasound study was performed throughout 23 cycles of 16 healthy women. Wave type and wave frequency were evaluated. SETTING Normal human volunteers in an academic research environment. PATIENTS Sixteen healthy regularly cycling women. (More)
A prospective longitudinal and standardized study is presented, dealing with ultrasonographic and hormonal characteristics of the luteinized unruptured follicle (LUF) syndrome. Among 600 cycles monitored in 270 infertility patients, 40 cycles in 27 patients showed no evidence of follicle rupture, in spite of signs of luteinization, as reflected by basal(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether endometrial activity is related to the occurrence of pregnancy in spontaneous menstrual cycles. DESIGN Prospective observational ultrasound evaluation of endometrial activity during fertility screening cycles. SETTING University hospital-based infertility clinic. PATIENT(S) Fifty-nine fertility screening cycles(More)
Human eosinophils, stimulated with phorbol myristate acetate, were found to produce 1268 nm chemiluminescence characteristic of singlet oxygen. Singlet oxygen generation required the presence of bromide ion. A bromide ion concentration of 100 microM, comparable to the total bromine content of whole blood, was sufficient for the eosinophils to generate(More)
1. In previous studies, the elastic properties of the common carotid artery were found to differ between men and women. In these studies, however, the phase of the menstrual cycle was not taken into consideration. It was the aim of the present study to investigate the effect of changing ovarian hormone levels during the normal menstrual cycle on the(More)
The effects of the chaotropic agent, guanidine HCl, on the chlorinating activity, optical absorption, EPR, and resonance Raman spectra of myeloperoxidase have been studied. In the presence of the agent the Soret optical absorption of the reduced enzyme (lambda max = 474 nm) is blue shifted to 448 nm, a position similar to heme alpha-containing enzymes. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe endometrial wavelike activity, endometrial thickness, and texture in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH) cycles. DESIGN Prospective observational ultrasound study. SETTING University hospital-based infertility clinic. PATIENT(S) Thirty-five COH cycles in 19 women with unexplained infertility. INTERVENTION(S) Transvaginal(More)
A longitudinal study was conducted to evaluate the ability of a low-dose triphasic oral contraceptive to suppress ovulation as documented by frequent ultrasonographic scanning and progesterone determinations, even in the event of a missed pill. The extent of follicular growth and maturation, the incidence of escape ovulation, and the effect of correct and(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the velocity and wave intervals of endometrial wavelike activity in spontaneous menstrual cycles. DESIGN Prospective observational ultrasound (US) evaluation of endometrial wavelike activity. SETTING University hospital. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S) Endometrial wavelike activity, wave velocity, wave intervals. PATIENT(S) Twenty-three(More)
Ultrasonographic localization of the placental site was performed serially throughout pregnancy in 56 primigravidas with anteriorly located placentas. The placenta was found to be located on the right side of the uterus significantly more frequently than at any other site on the anterior uterine wall. Placental position was found to be related to the(More)