Henk Hesselink

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In this paper, an airport departure scheduling tool for aircraft is presented based on constraint satisfaction techniques. Airports are getting more and more congested with the available runway configuration as one of the most constraining factors. A possibility to alleviate this congestion is to assist controllers in the planning and scheduling process of(More)
Air Traac Control is involved in the real-time planning of aircraft trajectories. This is a heavily constrained optimization problem. We concentrate on free-route planning, in which aircraft are not required to y over way points. The choice of a proper representation for this real-world problem is non-trivial. We propose a two level representation: one(More)
Constraint Programming is a problem-solving paradigm which establishes a neat distinction between, on one hand, a precise definition of the constraints that define the problem to be solved and, on the other hand, the algorithms and heuristics enabling the selection and cancellation of decisions to solve the problem. These principles have been widely applied(More)
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