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The ImpUNITY framework is an extension of the UNITY framework. It contains several program structuring mechanisms and puts special emphasis on compositional reenement of both speciications and programs. It has an associated temporal logic, formal reenement notions, and program transformation rules. In this paper we show how coordination in the form of a(More)
In this paper a direct combination of the-calculus with concepts from concurrency is introduced. Abstraction and (self)application from the-calculus are maintained as primitive constructs in the combined calculus, which incorporates also notions of (non)deterministic choice, concurrent and sequential composition, communication, encapsulation and hiding as(More)
PREFACE This report has been created as a conclusion of my research for my master's thesis. This thesis would not be here without the help of the following persons. Twigt for designing the game and sharing his experiences with me, Jeroen van Jaarsveld for correcting the language in this report. Furthermore, I would like to thank my girlfriend for her(More)
In this paper we introduce the triangular heap, a heap with the special property that for every father node its right child (if present) is smaller than its left child. We show how triangular heaps can be applied to the traditional problem of sorting an array in situ in ways quite similar to well-known methods using ordinary heaps. An average case analysis(More)
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