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Keywords: Compulsive internet use Internet addiction Impulsivity Sensitivity to reward Sensitivity to punishment a b s t r a c t Aim of the present study was to examine whether the personality correlates sensitivity to reward and to punishment, and impulsivity predict compulsive internet use (CIU). Furthermore, the predictive value of these personality(More)
The present study aimed to develop a short, easily administered, psychometrically sound, and valid instrument to assess the severity of compulsive Internet use. A set of criteria was determined based on the addiction literature. Next, the internal consistency and convergent validity were determined, and the set was tested as a one-factor solution in two(More)
BACKGROUND Healthcare professionals are crucial in the identification and accessibility to treatment for people with substance use disorders. AIM Objective of this literature review is to assess health professionals' attitudes towards patients with substance use disorders and to examine the consequences of these attitudes on healthcare delivery for these(More)
The objective of this study was to examine the relationship between negative life events and chronic stressors and drinking behaviour. Data suggested that some life events (getting divorced) and some chronic stressors (financial difficulties, unfavourable marital status, and unfavourable employment status) were positively related to abstinence among men and(More)
AIMS This study examines the relationship between stressful life-events and alcohol use in a longitudinal cohort study, and investigates whether gender, coping style and social support modify this relationship. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Data analysed in this paper come from a sample of 1608 men and 1645 women drawn randomly from the cohort known as(More)
The objective of this research was to assess the predictive power of various Internet applications on the development of compulsive Internet use (CIU). The study has a two-wave longitudinal design with an interval of 1 year. The first measurement contained 447 adult heavy Internet users who used the Internet at least 16 h per week and had Internet access at(More)
In a randomized controlled trial the effectiveness of an outreach treatment program (OTP) was compared with standard addiction care services for hard-drug addicts in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The study aimed at chronic, high-risk crack abusers who were insufficiently engaged in standard addiction treatment services. Data were collected from February 2000(More)
Prior epidemiologic research revealing cardioprotective effects of alcohol intake has systematically neglected lifetime exposure to alcohol, which may cause serious bias in conclusions regarding drinking and heart disease risk. Departing from use of an earlier interview schedule, the authors of the present 1996-2001 cohort study developed a(More)
In The Netherlands, as in many other countries, many studies have addressed the health situation of migrant groups. After a discussion on methodological pitfalls in migrant studies, the article reviews the most important results. The data show that there are differences in the health status and mortality patterns between migrant groups and the indigenous(More)
In general, a lower socioeconomic status (SES) is related to a lower health status, more health problems, and a shorter life expectancy. Although causal relations between SES and health are unclear, lifestyle factors play an intermediate role. The purpose of the present study was to obtain more insight into the relation between SES, alcohol consumption,(More)