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The growing demand for mineral and energy resources over the last decade has placed the extractive industry under increasing pressure to monitor and reduce the environmental and societal impact throughout the life-cycle of mining operations. Despite the mounting pressure, the industry is still facing the challenge of how to define targets for, and monitor,(More)
A practical method of diagnosing Stilesia hepatica in live sheep is described. Intestinal contents and faeces were sieved through a sieve with apertures of 1.0 mm onto a sieve with apertures of 100 microns to reduce volume and turbidity. The residue on the fine sieve was examined microscopically. Gravid proglottids passed through the intestine without being(More)
Over the years, coal mining in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa has negatively affected the environment by causing pollution of water resources, land subsidence and spontaneous coal combustion. Previous studies show that in-situ treatment of acid mine drainage (AMD) using coal fly ash (CFA) from local power stations was possible and sludge recovered(More)
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