Henk A. P. Blom

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This paper considers the issue of developing approximate abstractions of stochastic hybrid systems. The stochastic continuous behaviour breaks many essential properties of hybrid automata. Our approach departs from the progress in stochastic reachability analysis and Markov chain approximations. For this purpose we have to introduce a new approximation(More)
A mathematical model is presented for the evolution of situation awareness within the context of human performance modelling in accident risk assessment for ATM. Various aspects of situation awareness are defined within a group of agents, such as human operators and technical systems. Application of the model is illustrated for an accident risk assessment(More)
In the literature approximate Bayesian approaches towards maintaining tracks of multiple maneuvering targets from unassociated measurements have focussed on the development of combinations of Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) and Joint Probabilistic Data Association (JPDA) approaches. Initially, combinations of IMM and JPDA have been developed along two(More)
This paper studies probabilistic reachability analysis for large scale stochastic hybrid systems (SHS) as a problem of rare event estimation. In literature, advanced rare event estimation theory has recently been embedded within a stochastic analysis framework, and this has led to significant novel results in rare event estimation for a diffusion process(More)
Airborne separation assurance is a key requirement for free flight operations. This paper investigates the feasibility of airborne separation assurance for free flight by evaluating the performance of Conflict Detection and Resolution (CD&R) schemes in a simulated air traffic environment. Two qualitatively different CD&R methods were evaluated in an air(More)