Henk A. L. Kiers

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Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is a well-known tool often used for the exploratory analysis of a numerical data set. Here an extension of classical PCA is proposed, which deals with fuzzy data (in short PCAF), where the elementary datum cannot be recognized exactly by a speciÿc number but by a center, two spread measures and a membership function.(More)
MOTIVATION Modern functional genomics generates high-dimensional datasets. It is often convenient to have a single simple number characterizing the relationship between pairs of such high-dimensional datasets in a comprehensive way. Matrix correlations are such numbers and are appealing since they can be interpreted in the same way as Pearson's correlations(More)
In this paper two techniques for units clustering and factorial dimensionality reduction of variables and occasions of a three-mode data set are discussed. These techniques can be seen as the simultaneous version of two procedures based on the sequential application of k-means and Tucker2 algorithms and vice versa. The two techniques, T3Clus and 3Fk-means,(More)