Hengzhen Huang

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Sliced Latin hypercube designs are very useful for running a computer model in batches, ensembles of multiple computer models, computer experiments with qualitative and quantitative factors, cross-validation and data pooling. However, the presence of highly correlated columns makes the data analysis intractable. In this paper, a construction method for(More)
Computer experiments have received a great deal of attention in many fields of science and technology. The premises in most literature assume that all the input variables are quantitative. However, researchers often encounter computer experiments involving mixed input variables: both quantitative and qualitative variables. In this paper, we propose a new(More)
Combinations of multiple drugs are an important approach to maximize the chance for therapeutic success by inhibiting multiple pathways/targets. Analytic methods for studying drug combinations have received increasing attention because major advances in biomedical research have made available large number of potential agents for testing. The preclinical(More)
A supersaturated design (SSD) is a design whose run size is not enough for estimating all the main effects. An important goal in the analysis of such designs is to identify active effects based on the effect sparsity assumption. A Bayesian variable selection strategy which combines the advantages of the componentwise Gibbs sampler (see Chen et al., 2011)(More)
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