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Presented is a street lights control system based on AT89S52 as control core. It is a combined product of the following technologies: a digital clock, a timer, a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), a statistics of traffic flowing magnitude, a photosensitive induction, an infrared control and alarm function. This street light system also includes a time cut-out(More)
Monitoring of street lights and controlling is of utmost importance in developing country like India to reduce the power consumption. This paper presents a street light control system which combines various technologies: a timer, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), a statistics of traffic flow magnitude, a photosensitive detector (LDR), infrared photoelectric(More)
This paper describes the use of wireless sensor network for streetlight monitoring and control. As we look at existing systems the power consumption and maintenance cost of streetlight control department is high. This system would provide an optimal costing for streetlight maintenance and control. System employed use of network processing device (nodes) for(More)
Based on the classical wavelet neural network, this paper put forward a sort of improved multiple-input multipleoutput compact type of wavelet neural network, adopted adaptive learning rate and additional momentum BP algorithm to carry out training, studied its tolerance analog circuit fault diagnosis applications. Simulation results displayed that the(More)
With the combination of particle swarm optimization and neural network, this paper presents a kind of analog circuit fault diagnosis method based on particle swarm neural network. In the training process, the linear decreasing inertia weight particle swarm algorithm optimized BP network’s initial weights and initial threshold, adaptive learning rate and(More)
As people have higher and higher requirement on PCB drilling efficiency and hole position accuracy, the drill bit is becoming smaller and smaller and its blade is becoming shorter and shorter. Usually, the dust-attachment phenomenon arises in case that the hole diameter is not greater than 0.4mm (mainly Φ0.35mm), the stack height is equal to or(More)
Under the network environment,the Network topologies will change which leads to the changes of the routes for the moving characteristic of the nodes.We analyze the effects on TCP RQB caused by the changes of the routes in AD hoc and present the modified methods for TCP RQB, which is called TCP RQB-R,on the basis of the theory above. By identifying(More)
The digital control technique of single chip microcomputer is adopted in the design of DC voltage-stabilized power supply for a multifunctional, digitalized DC voltage-stabilized power supply with higher performance cost ratio. This power source uses the digital adjustment, the output precision is high. It also has short and over-current protection and(More)
The system is a nucleus model on the main control of single chip computer 78F9234, using DS18B20 temperature sensor to collect temperature data and digital tube monitor to show temperature data, with up-and-down limitation of temperature control key to change temperature rise and drop, heating indicator equipment, overheating protection and buzzer warning(More)