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In this work, large size (i.e., diameter > 100 nm) graphene tubes with nitrogen-doping are prepared through a high-temperature graphitization process of dicyandiamide (DCDA) and Iron(II) acetate templated by a novel metal-organic framework (MIL-100(Fe)). The nitrogen-doped graphene tube (N-GT)-rich iron-nitrogen-carbon (Fe-N-C) catalysts exhibit inherently(More)
We demonstrate a new strategy for tuning the size of large-diameter and few-walled nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes (N-CNTs) from 50 to 150 nm by varying the transition metal (TM = Fe, Co, Ni or Mn) used to catalyze graphitization of dicyandiamide. Fe yielded the largest tubes, followed by Co and Ni, while Mn produced a clot-like carbon morphology. We show(More)
Ti x Sn 1-x O 2 materials were prepared as new platinum catalyst supports. The supports were mixed with carbon black and used for methanol electrooxidation. Ti x Sn 1-x O 2 to carbon ratio and Sn doping content were systematically optimized. Improved methanol oxidation activity observed through electrochemical experiments. Direct methanol fuel cell(More)
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