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—This work investigates the application of an ac-ac dual active bridge converter for solid state transformer. The proposed converter topology consists of two active H-bridges and one high frequency transformer. Four-quadrant switch cells are used to ensure bi-directional power flow. The advantages of direct ac-ac conversion include fewer power conversion(More)
—Solid state transformers (SSTs) have lower physical profiles than traditional 60 Hz transformers and provide active control of power flow. However, they are not as efficient as traditional 60 Hz transformers because of the presence of power electronic converters. This work presents an analytical loss calculation model of an SST. It evaluates conduction(More)
Power analysis attacks explore the encrypted information by monitoring the power traces of physical crypto-systems. Among all published power analysis attacks, correlation power analysis (CPA) is the most effective attack that has been reviewed by many researchers recently. Meanwhile, various countermeasures have been proposed to against CPA attacks. In(More)
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