Hengshuang Zhao

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Scene parsing is challenging for unrestricted open vocabulary and diverse scenes. In this paper, we exploit the capability of global context information by different-regionbased context aggregation through our pyramid pooling module together with the proposed pyramid scene parsing network (PSPNet). Our global prior representation is effective to produce(More)
Training neural networks for semantic segmentation is data hungry. Meanwhile annotating a large number of pixel-level segmentation masks needs enormous human effort. In this paper, we propose a framework with only image-level supervision. It unifies semantic segmentation and object localization with important proposal aggregation and selection modules. They(More)
We focus on the challenging task of realtime semantic segmentation in this paper. It finds many practical applications and yet is with fundamental difficulty of reducing a large portion of computation for pixel-wise label inference. We propose an compressed-PSPNet-based image cascade network (ICNet) that incorporates multi-resolution branches under proper(More)
This paper proposes a rapid and automatic measurement system to acquire a 3D shape of a human body. A flexible calibration method was developed to decrease the complexity in system calibration. To reduce the computation cost, a GPU-Steger line detector was proposed to more rapidly detect the center of the laser pattern and at subpixel level. The processing(More)
We in this paper solve the problem of high-quality automatic real-time background cut for 720p portrait videos. We first handle the background ambiguity issue in semantic segmentation by proposing a global background attenuation model. A spatial-temporal refinement network is developed to further refine the segmentation errors in each frame and ensure(More)
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