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Diversity of social ties in scientific collaboration networks
We perform empirical analysis on a scientific collaboration network extracted from DBLP, an online bibliographic database in computer science, in a systematical way, finding the following: distributions of diversity indices tend to decay in an exponential or Gaussian way. Expand
Design and Implementation of a Web Usage Mining Model Based On Upgrowth and Preflxspan
This paper introduces two prevalent data mining algorithms - FPgrowth and PrefixSpan into WUM and they are applied in a real business case. Expand
Construction and management of automatical reasoning supported data mining metadata
A data mining metadata with automatic reasoning AR-DMM is constructed in detail, and the corresponding algorithm is proposed. Expand
Design of WebGIS Rendering Engine Based on Silverlight-based RIA
In order to render WebGIS vector map with better effects, build a client-side multi-level structural vector map rendering engine, which is built upon Microsoft Silver light-based RIA and SQL Server 2008 spatial database. Expand
A Hybrid Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Patent Domain
In this paper, we present a hybrid collaborative filtering algorithm based on ontology and item rating prediction. Expand
The Further Research on the Application of ABC to the Optimization and Control of Project
A new way of optimization has caught many researchers’attention, namely the heuristic algorithms, including Genetic Algorithm (GA), Simulating Algorithm (SA), Particle swarm optimization (PSO), antExpand
Optimum Multiresolution Fusion Scheme for CT/MR Images Based on Region Feature
An optimum multiresolution fusion scheme for CT/MR images based on region feature was proposed, which is a kind of multi-modality for medical image fusion. Expand
Forecasting Volatility Switching Arch by treed gaussian process with Jumps to the Limiting Linear Model
We propose a new hybrid model of asymmetric volatility by using treed Gaussian process with jumps to the limiting linear model (TGPLLM) of Gramacy and Lee combined with the volatility switching ARCH (VS-ARCH) developed by Fornari and Mele. Expand
Optimization of the Replenishment Strategy for the Supplier Based on Genetic Algorithm
In the supply chain management, the supplier can reduce its total cost by providing price discounts to restrict the retailers’ replenishment intervals to multiples of a common replenishment interval.Expand