Hengshan Wang

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Recommender systems have become a popular technique and strategy for helping users select desirable products or services. Most research in this area focused on applying the method to help the customers in Business-to-Customer (B2C) electronic commerce (e-commerce), however, the participants in Businessto-Business (B2B) market can also get useful assistance(More)
— Probabilistic methods called Gaussian processes have been successfully shown as a powerful tool for modeling time series data and prediction problem as they are a Bayesian approach with kernel based learning. In this paper, the Gaussian processes are applied to model and predict financial volatility based on GARCH, EGARCH and GJR. Five different kernels(More)
Ontology is an effective method of knowledge representation, however, the existing methods of constructing ontology are not suitable for the field of patent. It is known that the UML modeling of graphical is more intuitive than OWL. According to the demand of the patent information, the paper gives an ontology modeling method which combined UML with OWL in(More)
With the development of data mining techniques, more and more data mining metadata are proposed for the sharing, exchanging, integration and standardization of data mining products. During the process of constructing data mining metadata, the evolution of data mining techniques, the different experiences and views of related of knowledge discovery(More)
With the intensive competitions in global market, enterprises need to apply cooperative and competitive postures to manage their relationships with their supply chain members as well as the firms in the other supply chains. While todayiquests supply chains are evolving into more complicated network structures, most of the researches today are focused on the(More)
We propose to predict financial volatility by a new treed Gaussian processes based on GARCH model. Three correlation functions, isotropic exponential power, separable power and Matérn families, are applied in the proposed hybrid treed GP models and stationary Gaussian processes. The empirical results show that the hybrid approaches generate better(More)
Ongoing transition of most of business enterprises to knowledge-based ones is a watershed event in the evolution of the global knowledge economies. This transition marks a paradigmatic shift from energybased economies with traditional factors of production to information-based economies based upon knowledge assets. Accordingly, the objective of this paper(More)
With a shift from industrial economy towards knowledge economy, such intangible assets as knowledge are increasingly playing a predominant role in organizations. How to effectively recognize, transfer and utilize both explicit and tacit knowledge will be crucial for organizations in future growth and market competition. So far, the study of conducting(More)