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In view of a hit-and-run traffic affair, we design a novel multi-sensor intelligent transportation monitoring system (MITMS) based on information fusion technology, which has an architecture covering the various roads of the city. Unlike single sensor system, MITMS takes the infrared detector, CCD camera and microprocessor as hardware foundation, integrated(More)
In RFID system, one of the key problems is the collision between tags which lowers the throughput of the system. The Dynamic Framed Slotted ALOHA is a widely used algorithm in the anti-collision field of RFID system. In this paper, we propose a Dynamic Framed Slotted ALOHA Algorithm based on Bayesian Estimation. Compared to the conventional algorithms, our(More)
To investigate the inherent chaotic phenomenon in genetic algorithms (GA), a novel chaos control approach through particle swarm optimization (PSO) (CCPSO) with three main processes is proposed. Firstly it detects the dynamical behaviors of a new discrete chaotic system with rational fraction in GA such as its unstable periodic points. Then it directs the(More)
How to detect the topological degree (TD) of a function is of vital importance in investigating the existence and the number of zero values in the function, which is a topic of major significance in the theory of nonlinear scientific fields. Usually a sufficient refinement of the boundary of the polyhedron decided by Boult and Sikorski algorithm (BS) is(More)
The shortest path planning issure is critical for dynamic traffic assignment and route guidance in intelligent transportation systems. In this paper, a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm with priority-based encoding scheme based on fluid neural network (FNN) to search for the shortest path in stochastic traffic networks is introduced. The proposed(More)
Web hot topic prediction is now one of the most significant research focus in Web data mining, which can reflect the Internet users' psychosocial predilection, may greatly benefit us. Markov and neural network are such two typical traditional prediction model, however, the Markov method can neither capture nor express the statistical property of the real(More)