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The activity history of a given neuron has been suggested to influence its future responses to synaptic input in one prominent model of experience-dependent synaptic plasticity proposed by Bienenstock, Cooper, and Munro (BCM theory). Because plasticity of synaptic plasticity (i.e., metaplasticity) is similar in concept to aspects of the BCM proposal, we(More)
Under conditions of low [Ca(2+)](o) and high [K(+)](o), the rat dentate granule cell layer in vitro develops recurrent spontaneous prolonged field bursts that resemble an in vivo phenomenon called maximal dentate activation. To understand how pH changes in vivo might affect this phenomenon, the slices were exposed to different extracellular pH environments(More)
Status epilepticus was induced via intraperitoneal injection of lithium-pilocarpine. The inhibitory effects of propofol on status epilepticus in rats were judged based on observation of behavior, electroencephalography and 24-hour survival rate. Propofol (12.5-100 mg/kg) improved status epilepticus in a dose-dependent manner, and significantly reduced the(More)
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