Hengjun Zhang

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To better understand the mechanisms of eutrophication, we addressed the microbial processes that influence many key aspects of water-sediment systems. In this study, a large column experiment was conducted for 30 d. Along the column, solution samples were collected at different locations at different time. The samples were analyzed for physical, chemical,(More)
Novel butterfly pyrene derivatives functionalized with trifluoromethylphenyl and thienyl aromatic groups in the 1-, 3-, 6- and 8-positions of pyrene cores and have been synthesized by Suzuki coupling reactions, and their crystal structures, optical and electrochemical properties investigated; additionally, the field effect transistor using as the active(More)
A new series of ladder-type heteroacenes containing both pyrrole and furan rings, 5,6-disubstituted diindolo[3,2-b:4,5-b']thiophenes (DITs), were effectively synthesized from N-functionalized 3,3'-dibromo-2,2'-biindoles undergoing intramolecular cyclization with bis(phenylsulfonyl) sulfide and organolithium. Single-crystal X-ray results demonstrate that(More)
This paper considers the finite-time stabilization problem for a class of nonlinear systems with dynamic feedback subject to input saturation. A method is presented by using switching control strategy and state-scaling technique, which can divide a complex nonlinear systems into different simple subsystems in order to make that the states in every step(More)
This paper investigates the adaptive state-feedback stabilization of stochastic nonholonomic systems which have both uncertain parameters and time-varying coefficients. The state-scaling and backstepping techniques are exploited in the design of controllers. The adaptive state-feedback stabilizing controllers and switching control strategy are proposed so(More)
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