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Formal specification and runtime detection of temporal properties for pervasive context is one of the primary approaches to achieving context-awareness. Though temporal logics have been widely used in specification of temporal properties, they are faced with severe challenges in Pervasive Computing (PvC) scenarios. First, temporal logics are traditionally(More)
A consistency/latency tradeoff arises as soon as a distributed storage system replicates data. For low latency, modern storage systems often settle for weak consistency conditions, which provide little, or even worse, no guarantee for data consistency. In this paper we propose the notion of almost strong consistency as a better balance option for the(More)
—Data replication technologies enable efficient and highly-available data access, thus gaining more and more interests in both the academia and the industry. However, data replication introduces the problem of data consistency. Modern commercial data replication systems often provide weak consistency for high availability under certain failure scenarios. An(More)
Rich contexts enable the provision of context-aware services on mobile smart phones, but they also introduce threats of privacy leakages. It is widely held that the key to privacy preservation is to achieve efficient tradeoffs between the utilization of contexts, the preservation of privacy. Götz et al. present δ privacy that exploits temporal(More)
Data replication technologies in distributed storage systems introduce the problem of data consistency. For high performance, data replication systems often settle for weak consistency models, such as Pipelined-RAM consistency. To determine whether a data replication system provides Pipelined-RAM consistency, we study the problem of <italic> verifying(More)
Distributed shared memory-based coordination has the advantage of simplifying the coordination logic to read/write operations over the illusionary local memory. However, it is notoriously challenging to come up with a cost-effective implementation of the distributed shared memory. The implementation becomes more challenging in mobile environments, due to(More)
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