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A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Item Classification
This paper proposes a collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on item classification to pre-produce the ratings of the vacant values of the user-item rating dataset. Expand
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Combining Memory-Based and Model-Based Collaborative Filtering in Recommender System
A collaborative filtering recommendation method combining memory-based CF and model- based CF can provide better recommendation than traditional collaborative filtering. Expand
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A Personalized Model for Ontology-driven User Profiles Mining
This paper tried to solve disadvantage of lack of semantic information of keyword, and designed a user profiles modeling method based on category knowledge base, combining the keywords and the ontology concepts. Expand
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Location privacy protection algorithm for mobile networks
This paper proposes a new method of protecting location privacy known as Hidden Ring and Hidden Forest, which is the use of breadth-first search to meet certain requirements of the ring and forest in the graph. Expand
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Research on social network discovery algorithm in pervasive sensing environment
The proposed SDOR algorithm is based on the definition of nodes optimal route, community likeness index, community discrete degree index and so on parameters to achieve the sensible partition. Expand
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